Why Using All Natural Baby Products Is Best

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Here, I would like to share some personal thoughts and views as to why using all natural baby care products is probably best, as opposed to some of the well known products that are typically being used today. As loving, caring parents, it is our duty to maintain the healthiness and happines of our babies, and understanding why it is best to use products that are all natural, is a great way to make this possible. We must make ourselves aware of what is really going into the bodies of our little ones (as well as our own), and choosing to use the products with all natural, non-toxic ingredients could be the best decision that you’ve made. This may also save your baby from serious ailments and frequent trips to the doctor’s office.

My Experiences With This Matter

When I was a child, my father never bought any of the products that eveyone loves to use and to eat. “That stuff’ll kill you!” or “That’s probably got pork in it!” is what he said about everything.

We didn’t use things like toothpaste, lotions, deodorants, and the average soaps. If he wasn’t making these things himself, then he knew where to get alternative products with a very short list of simple, natural ingredients. As a child, you don’t have a clue about the importance of this kind of thing, but as I grew up and had children of my own, I then completely understood.

When my son was born, he was always sick with something! He had a terrible case of eczema, pink eye all the time, bronchitis, and allergies that gave him a HORRIBLE cough, to the point of regurgitation. It was awful! As he got older, and things were getting worse, I started thinking of things that my father would’ve done if we were to get sick (hardly ever), so I decided to change a few things. I gave my son cod liver oil twice a day instead of prescribed inhalers and allergy meds, gave him noni juice to boost his immunities, took so many things out of his diet (sugar, caffeine, chocolate, red dye…just to name a few), I bathed him in raw rolled oats and vegetable base soaps, and looked for products with less ingredients, and more natural ingredients. All his ailments gradually began to clear up, and were eventually gone. They were gone for good and not just suppressed, like the meds were doing, as they really weren’t helping anything. It finally hit me like a ton of bricks That this was why my father felt the way he did. The things I was allowing in my son’s body and on his skin, had obviously caused these reactions. By the time my daughter came along I knew better.

Think About It

It’s bad enough that all of these dangerous chemicals are in adult products, but why in the world would they be in products for babies? Especially since we are already warned of how detrimental these things can be to our health. These things are breaking down their little bodies before they even get a chance to properly grow!

I really hope you find some of the information that I share with you on this site to be interesting and helpful. After all…a healthy baby is a happy baby!!!!

Go to the link Natural Ingredients Are Best and check out a few of the key ingredients that are in the average baby products being used, and how they could be harming their health. And, if the question is how to go all natural with these products, check out Quick At Home Alternatives and my post Some Of The Best Natural And Organic Baby Products On The Market, for just a few simple ideas. The fact of the matter is that we really must do our research to be sure we are taking care of our bundles of joy the best way we possibly can. Mothers, we all know that it wasn’t easy bringing them into the world, so why take them out?!

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