Mommies Need Natural Love Too

Mommy duty is never an easy task, as there are still so many other tasks for Mommy to tend to aside from caring for the children. Whether a working Mommy or a stay at home Mommy, it is no lie that a woman’s job is never done! And for those of us that have husbands or significant others, you may as well add them in with the children, because we have to be sure we are taking care of them as well. With this being the case, it is easy to be left feeling a little bit down and out, overwhelmed, or sometimes just plain old under appreciated.

I believe that it is very important that we take time out to show ourselves some personal love and care, at least once a week. I know how hard it can be to even get five minutes to yourself, but it is important that we absolutely make this time, as we have a very important role to play..naturally! So we have to be sure we are properly and positively caring for ourselves, because if we can’t do this for ourselves, then who else can he expect to be able to do this for? Just some simple things to allow yourself to relax, or to still your mind, or to detach yourself from the rest of the world for a little while,or whatever it is that puts you at peace. Try giving yourself about an hour or two once a week. This really should be everyday, but I know that sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. You also want to be able to be free from all distractions or disruptions, as this is your time to only be concerned with self.

  • Try taking a nice hot bath. Sometimes this just what we need to relax our muscles, our minds, and to rejuvenate ourselves, to allow for a fresh start when the next task arises. Put some essential oils in your bath, like lavender oil or eucalyptus oil. The aroma is extremely pleasant and relaxing, and your entire being will feel refreshed after a nice quiet soak with either of these in the water. Herbs are also nice to mix in. Chamomile great for this, and just one of quite a few. Also, why not soak in some raw oats? This does wonderful for the babies, and it would definitely be the same for you. Your beautiful skin will love this. Light some nice aromatic candles around your bath to keep you in a relaxed mood as you enjoy your hot soak, being that you don’t want to be rushed through your bath.
  • Try giving yourself a good hair wash and condition. You’ll also be giving yourself a wonderful scalp massage. Who doesn’t need that when your mind is constantly on the go. Try using shampoos and conditioners that are free of all the harsh, no good chemicals, because the point isn’t to damage your hair, scalp, or skin..we are supposed to be rejuvenating and picking ourselves up. Suave (to my surprise, being they are so cheap) has some really nice options for this. Also, when styling or maintenancing your hair, use as less products in your hair as possible, as well as no harsh or heavy stuff. This would defeat the purpose of washing all the stress out of your hair, because you would only be putting it right back in. It’s kind of hard to be focused and pleasant with your head clogged full of heavy hair products and harsh chemicals seeping into your body through your scalp.
  • Some soothing music and tea time is also a really great way to unwind and relax. Feel free to use the aromatic candles while doing this as well. Whatever aromas put you at ease and allow your mind to rest. Remember that we are attempting to still our minds, free ourselves from stressful thoughts, and uplift ourselves, so be aware of your music of choice at this time. Something soft, slow, and soothing. No harsh lyrics, and if women are being spoke about, something that has uplifting lyrics to a woman..none of the degrading nonsense that is out there now-a-days. You can’t possibly relax and/or love yourself listening to something like that at a time like this. And your relaxation tea probably won’t even take effect. Check out your local grocery stores, in the tea aisle, for lots of choices of teas that are specifically marked as stress relief, tension tamer, or relaxation (Yogi has quite a few). Plain old chamomile or Sleepytime tea (Celestial Seasons) works great for a time like this too.  One thing I do, though, when getting teas in individual bags, is remove the tea from the bag and use cheesecloth or a strainer instead, as there may be some not so pleasant chemicals hiding in those bags. You can always just buy bulk teas to save yourself the trouble.
  • Give yourself a mani/pediI must say..when it comes to this one, I am GUILTY GUILTY of using all the chemical based stuff that the world has to offer. If the color is perfect, then it’s got me! But who doesn’t need or deserve a nice foot soak and scrub after so much footwork all throughout the day, and there is always something that has to be done. And it always makes me feel nice inside when I have gorgeous hands and feet when I’m slaving around all day, because it makes me feel good to remember that I at least took the time out for ME.

The mother is the child’s first teacher, the first one to show them unconditional love and affection, probably the first to have to discipline them, and probably their first everything. They watch us very closely, even when it seems they are paying us no mind at all. They want to mock us (especially little girls), and want to be where we are, all the time. When in the world is it possible to have some “me time?” There is no way in the world. Especially when you are expected to be at five different places at one time, doing five different things at a time.

I know after the day is done and everyone is fast asleep, you probably are ready to crash out as well. I know I sure do, but this is one of the perfect times to pick something to do for yourself, as this is a time when you probably won’t be bothered by anything or disturbed by anyone. Besides, it makes for a better night’s rest. If your littles ones have a nap time, this is another opportunity to take advantage of self time..even if you only want to sleep! Whenever and however you may see fit, take advantage of the time as it presents itself. If we are not caring for ourselves, then the world around us will seem as it doesn’t care either. This is simply just the Law of Reflection, one of the Seven Laws of Mother Nature herself. Once you decide to start having some “me time,” you’ll begin to see that everything and everyone will seem to be a little more considerate to our needs as well. If we do not love ourselves, then no one else will, and we won’t have any to give to our loved ones, as we will only reflect aggressiveness and frustration. We as women and Mommies set the order and the tone of the household. However it is that you are feeling, everyone else in the house with you can begin to feel the same way. So take some time for relax yourself, to love yourself, and uplift yourself. Everyone else at home will begin, if not already, to give you the same love, care, and respect that you are giving to yourself.


6 thoughts on “Mommies Need Natural Love Too”

  1. Aah, what a breath of fresh air. These are such great self-care ideas and I loved your last few uplifting lines. I really relate to that feeling of being under-appreciated. Thanks for the reminder to give self-love first. After all, who will think to love and care for us if we’re not loving and caring ourselves?

  2. Thanks for a great article. It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day life and forget about taking care of ourselves. We function as better mothers is we take care of ourselves. In the end we just do our kids a favour when we look after ourselves:) I like all the ideas you wrote- they are all very practical for us busy moms!

    1. Thank you so much! I couldn’t agree with you more. I hope more of us busy moms begin to realize this.

  3. Hmmmm I never thought of all this for my wife. I think I’ll give her a home version spa day. What great information. Thank you so much for the insight.

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