Quick At Home Alternatives

Many of the baby products out there have brands that use better, healthier, natural ingredients. Some may get a little costly, but no need to fret, as you can whip some things up with some simple at home ingredients.

Baby oil, for instance, is just mineral oil. Just add a few drops of some essential oil for fragrance. Lavender oil is excellent, as it is antibacterial, and has great calming and soothing effects. Coconut oil can also be used in place of the mineral oil.

Instead of the typical diaper rash creams, you can simply use shea butter, an oatmeal bath, cornstarch, petrolium jelly, and coconut oil, among a few other things a well. For nursing mothers, and mothers that are still lactating, your very own breast milk will work wonders as well. Rub it directly on the rash.

Coconut oil, by the way, can be used for just about anything in the world. Damaged hair, nail fungus, skin problems, gums and teeth…you name it!

For a baby with colic or tummy issues, gripe water works nicely, as well as just a nice gentle tummy massage. Gripe water also works well for babies that are fussy from teething.

Instead of giving your baby cow, rice, or soy milk when they have reached that stage, coconut milk is wonderful. Also try nut milks, like cashew and almond, as long as your child has no allergy to these.