Some Of The Best Natural And Organic Baby Products On The Market

There are quite a few options to choose from when trying to decide on the best natural and organic baby products on the market. Watch out, though, as there are also many products that claim to be the best natural, organic, and hypoallergenic products, but still contain some no-no’s,  and even some animal fat. But what is the best is completely up to you and what can satisfy your personal needs. I personally don’t just go with only one particular brand. I may get a certain brand of baby shampoo and wash, but another brand of baby lotion. Just give a few products a try and you be the judge.

Just In My Opinion

Here are some great products that are out there, that I believe are well worth it to try. Why not? What is there to lose? Unless, of course, your baby has allergies to certain ingredients.

Earthmama was founded by an herbalist who is also a nurse, who wants to educate more people on the benefits of herbal ingredients, and is a safe alternative. These products have no toxicity and are clinically tested. I used this company’s teething gel, and it seemed to work wonders in a matter of seconds. They have amazing products all across the board. For the breastfeeding moms, they have an herbal nipple butter to soothe sore nipples, and allows for comfortable pumping. This product can also be used on other parts of the body, like hands, feet, cuticles, elbows, and lips. Another interesting thing that Earthmama offers is baby loss healing products for mothers that have sadly lost their little ones. These include a healing candle, healing mist, and seed packet for grieving mother to plant.

Shea Moisture also has wonderful products for baby and you. All of their products are organic and toxin free. Try out their herbal chest rub if baby is all stuffy and congested. Some of their items may be a tad pricey, but the best of anything always is.

Honest Company has awesome products. This company was founded by actress Jessica Alba. She and her co-founder were on a mission to create a way for parents to be able to keep their babies and small children healthy and happy, by providing safe, eco-friendly products. They have everything you can think of…diapers, formula and foods, cleaning products, detergents, vitamins, and more. This company also delivers right to your doorstep.

Babyganics also has really great products on the market. It isn’t just moms out there coming up with this stuff, as Babyganics products are made by two dads. With their products, they are also looking to be sure that babies are able to have a safe environment. They send their products through test after test after test to be sure that they are accomplishing their mission. Babyganics products are safe, eco-friendly, and as you can tell by the name, they are organic.

So get out there. Do a little bit of research, and try some things out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, and the best part is that you’ll then be able to decide for yourself what is really best for you.

3 thoughts on “Some Of The Best Natural And Organic Baby Products On The Market”

  1. I love your information. My kids are all grown up now but we went all organic for them as babies. It took a ton of research. Its simply amazing that you’ve put it all in one place for people. What would be a good natural remedy for a colic baby these days?

    1. Thanks so much, and I really does take lots of research. Colic can just be treated like gas, so just some natural gripe water, which can be found at places like walmart, cvs, rite aid.. Also a nice little tummy massage, and you could also lay the baby on it’s back and move their legs in a motion like they’re riding a bike.

  2. I think your website is great. It is very important for us to become more conscious about the toxins in products that we buy off the shelf – and especially so with baby products as babies are so much more vulnerable to them. Good work!

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